Monica Isabella Bonaventura 


Artist: Monica Isabella Bonaventura

State: Italy


Facebook: Monica Isabella Bonaventura

Istagram: monica_bonaventura

He has exhibited in various countries around the world and in Italy, winning many awards for culture and art. He has also exhibited in various important Biennials such as the Venice Biennale, Venetian Villas, Burma and Greece.

Monica Isabella Bonaventura "Foglia Green"

Dimensini: 100x100 x 3.4

It rapresent a leaf.

Monica Isabella Bonaventura "WAIT"

Dimension: 100x100 x 3,4

With plaster, acrylics, glod leaf and copper.

It rappresent witing.

Monica Isabella Bonaventura, born in the prov. of Venice, Master of Arts in Architecture and Furnishings, artist, interior design, art teacher, creator, art critic, editor of art newspapers, poet, writer, national judge for art and poetry and literature, curator and organizer of international art exhibitions and events, collaborator of the art critic Giorgio Gregorio Grasso, director of the Venice Art Gallery.

She represents Italy in various art exhibitions abroad as the only artist, giving her the title of Art Ambassador in the world, she is part of an international group as the only Italian painter and is part of the Institute for Culture in Romania.

Her works become the cover of a well-known art magazine and his poems included in the front pages of the same magazine in Romania.

She works for the Veneto Region as a technician for consulting aerial photos and cartography of the territory.

She was Godmother at the First Italian Song Festival in Poland and represented Italy as the only artist for contemporary art and exhibited her works.

She founded a free artistic-literary group in Mestre: FUTURISTI CONTEMPORANEI.

Monica Isabella Bonaventura " Leaves"