- Reading the information.

- Sending the application form.

Is permise multiple submission 



- The selection will be monthly.

- Accepted all media (Acrylic,Oil,mixed media,phootography,ecc.)

- Will be selected one artwork for submission.

- Organaized on STAGE.

- Pubblication of Artist selected.

- All pubblication comprend dedicated page were you explain you work and propouse artwork.

- Social media account from Instagram and facebook page for your promotion and selected artwork.



- Looking the information to partecipate.

- Sending application form. 

- In the case of a sale proposal, the contact of the artist will be sent with prior consent.

- DECLARATION OF AUTHENTICITY (The artist declares to have the copyright of the work or to possess the requisites for the reproduction of the idea, any appeal will be sent to the person concerned).