Orbit Art Gallery©


Orbit Art Gallery© is aimed to the promotion of artist who make the futures.
From futuristic landscape to reinterpretation of a dream wich make our visual in the vastness of universe from the resonance on this world.

All media are accepted, this project moving up for an international contact for the best vision of our mind.

Orbit Art Gallery it's an expositive project actually on line and offer an international view, possibility to expose and selling  your artwork and opera without further percentages on the sale.


Free to partecipate at the selection.

If you're selected the partecipation fee is 20,00€ (covers the costs of organizing the site and the publication work)

Is permise multiple submission.

In all exhibition is comprense the pubblication with your biography, photo biography, artworks and contacts.


Soon the opening of social media (Facebook,Instagram) to promote the project.


This project  starting from web side, in my "Future" i'm looking for possibilities of open a new Tattoo Art Gallery phisically with open space for the exhibition.



To partecipate sending the application form to: