Sara Radomirovic'

Sara Radomirovic

Bachelor of Applied Arts (Interior and Furniture Designer)

Age: 32
State: Belgrade, Serbia


Instagram: http.//


With the ability of creating original ideas in the design processes, talents for research and realisation of new design
achievements, as well as tendency for solving specific creative tasks.

Hers portfolio is honoured the title Nature tutor,
aligning strengths in Integral Urbanism, with focus on Engineering, Humanity and Arts, by the Nature Contest 2020, themost comprehensive competition on ideas inspired by nature.


This collection was originally published during a live session at the New York's Artspace and supported by the UK's
Bureau Centre for the Arts, published in the Nowadays Contemporary practices: Technology in Arts by Lois Emma Harkin and further developed through an online residency at Transient by Lydia Griffiths. The aim was to present initial
visualisations (original collection) using technology in arts, by "only one click" and to raise awareness of the times we live
in, especially our impact where "minor" changes could lead into major development.

The Original collection by Sara Radomirovic'