Romina Calzavara

In my art: the color that I put on canvas and cardboard I try to express all the charge of life that I desire that I imagine for myself for the world for the whole universe.

Name: Romina Calzavara

Year: 45

State: Italy

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Romina Calzavara: "Le vie oggi, ieri sempre"

Romina Calzavara

Romina Calzavare ""Vivo ora"

"Le vie oggi, ieri sempre" description:

Everything in this work starting from the forms deviated from reality or changed indicates life. the dinosaur represents the life that existed millions of years ago and has always been there... the houses, each of them recalls something that belongs to life like a mushroom, the little yellow house, the coffee pot, the little blue house, the body of a woman the little red house, there are people living inside! the two suns to say that everything is part of the light of love to give life... a sun with rays bathed in black to indicate that there is also pain and there are burdens but then they are transformed by contact with life same with the light who is inside us and is endless

Romina Calzavara Portrait

Romina Calzavare "Vivo, ora!"