Milind Bhanji

“The beauty of heritage lies in its stories, waiting to be told.”

Name: Milind Bhanji

Age: 57

State: Pune (India)

Instagram: Milind Bhanji


Milind Bhanji is a Pune based professional artist who does conceptual paintings using varied techniques and
mediums. His favourite subjects are Indian culture, ancient temples, human figures and Indian architecture. He
has participated in numerous national and international festivals, exhibitions and group shows.
He describes his artistic expression as “aesthetic, natural beauty, colors and amazing brush strokes experience
for the audience.” He says that he was inspired by Rembrandt and started experimenting with realistic
compositions and landscapes. He has been studying Indian temple architecture and its aesthetic sculptures for
a few years which reflects in his paintings.

Milind Bhanji

Milind Bhanji "Mastani Gate"

Milind Bhanji 

Milind Bhanji Portrait

Milind Bhanji as professional conceptual painting and plein air watercolor artist from INDIA.
Milind Bhanji has achieved National, International awards, exhibition participations, art workshops with
numerous awards, certificates, mementos and more… He has recognized with national, international honors for
his paintings, and giving aesthetic experience on the walls of many private and IT Industry and Corporate

Milind Bhanji "Bhuddas way"

Milind Bhanji