Milind Bhanji

“My painting and landscape give the aesthetic experience of subject and emotion to audience”.

Milind Bhanji "Buddhas Way (Suleman Caves) INDIA"


He was inspired by Rembrandt and started experimenting with realistic compositions and landscapes.
Milind used human figures and nature in his paintings.

Milind Bhanji

20 + Yrs. Milind has showcased his works in exhibitions and group shows in India and International platform. Milind has
successfully conducted his shows and has been appreciated for his artwork.

Milind Bhanji 

His experimentation and aesthetic experience are conveyed through his paintings. Each painting and landscape has a
light and shadow applied with a shade similar to nature. His style in watercolor is fluid and transparent, giving a realistic
and aesthetic feel to his paintings.

               Milind Bhanji  "Vishnu Temple"

                                                                                                                                                                    Milind Bhanji "Buddhas Way"