Margarita Tsagkaropoulou

I use a lot of Titanium white in honor of my cycladic roots  and pastel colors inspired of my country.

Age: 45 Year

State: Greece 

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Margarita Tsagkaropoulou "The dream in the drawer"

My name is Margarita Tsagkaropoulou, I'm a National and International Award winning, self taught artist from Greece. 

I grew up in an artistic environment as my father was an artist as well.  

Since 1994 I have lived in Italy.

Through the years, I practiced many art techniques and styles,including jewelry, but my turning point was in 2005 when I focused on my abstract path. 

Since then,I have taken part in several exhibitions and art competitions.

Margarita Tsagkaropoulou "Savoring the essantials"

Dimension 100x100

Awarded in national competition

Margarita Tsagkaropoulou

Margarita Tsagkaropoulou "Venetian fog"

Margarita Tsagkaropoulou "Angels"

Dimension :50x60

Medium Oil on canvas

Margarita Tsagkaropoulou

I'm a collector of memories, of istants that pull us through bad moments in life.
In these situations I feel that I need to limite the excess of life and perserve the essential.
My paintings are inspired in order to focus only on the essential on purpose…I want to make It visible to out eyes. When we'll be able to appreciate the essential, we'll be able to admire, to feel life's true colors and to see new horizons…that instant Is precious cause only then we'll finally feel free.
I use a lot of Titanium white in honor of my cycladic roots and pastel colors inspired of my country.
I create colors on my own, only using the 3 primary colors and white. Reason why every painting has its own shades.

Margarita Tsagkaropoulou "Now" 

Dimension: 30x40

Medium: Oil on canvas