Luca Cistaro

State: Itaty

Age: 43


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Luca Cistaro "Vivere a colori"

Recurring themes, they are very normal scenes of everyday life, like girls sitting at a table in a bar which in times of pandemic, take on a meaning that is anything but normal, suggesting not to stop at appearance, but to always contextualize the work in the period history in which the artist created it.

Luca Cistaro

Luca Cistaro " Venice 2021"

Luca Cistaro " Native Spirit"

 All this without ever forgetting his first steps in the world of painting, when at just four years old he painted butterflies by crushing the colors on a sheet of paper folded on itself. Currently present in private collections in Paris, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Italy and China.

Luca Cistaro "Native Spirit"

Luca Cistaro Portrait 

Luca Cistaro Born in Cosenza in 1981. Italian painter and musician, he began his artistic career with music and painting at a young age, showing talent and originality recognized both in the scholastic and professional fields. During his years of study at the artistic high school, conservatory and Philharmonic Academy of Bologna, he learned how much the musical and pictorial worlds complement each other. Over time his pictorial style has evolved trying to merge various styles, deriving from impressionism and abstractionism.

Luca Cistaro  " La ragazza della libertà"