Kuti Idris 

Graduated in Art and Industrial Design in 2014

with National Diploma(ND).

Age: 29

State: Lagos City, Nigeria

E-mail: kuti009@gmail.com

Instagram: http://instagram.com/artdigger72


I wanted to tell stories and showcase the beauty, and perfection of God’s creation through drawings, and paintings! Art was my escape from life. Art offered me hope and a lots promise of a future filled with beautiful colors.

Spontaneous Realism and Impressionism.

Artists whose styles have influenced my work are: My Boss Abdulsalam Abdulkareem, and Voka.


Kuti Idris: "Gaze" 2019

Kuti Idris


My work is an examination of the different forms this shield takes, and the thinking that lies behind it. There’s a kind of tension between the way it was originally designed to look and the way it looks now, as well as a tension between the way it looks to whoever is caring for it and the way it looks to me.