Irina Furaseva

With the help of painting, I strive to show people how amazing and beautiful our world is.

That he is the greatest miracle given to mankind! I draw simply because I can't help but draw.

                             Irina Furaseva "Lighthouse AR-MEN"

Irina Furaseva

For me, the lighthouse is a symbol of perseverance, invincibility, salvation. Be unbending and at the same time preserve your inner light, and not be afraid to give it to others ...
I painted this picture with a light heart and joy in my soul .. And yes, for me the storm in the picture ends ..
Artist Irina Furaseva
Size: 50 x 60 cm.
Material: oil on canvas.

Irina works in the technique of oil painting. Creates both realistic and abstract works, using a wide palette of colors.
Painting, something without which Irina can not imagine her life. Her constant desire to convey the beauty of the world around her is her main source of inspiration.

             Irina Furaseva "Kamchatka"