Name: Graziella Bassetto 

Country: Italy

Facebook: Garziella Bassetto


Dimension: 52x59 

canvas glued onto a wooden base with lurex fiber and acrylic.

Graziella Bassetto

Details of "Ucraina" Graziella Bassetto

Graziella Bassetto 

 I have also participated in short training experiences in the field of 'Arts Therapies' to enhance the artistic language and creativity in education. At the school where I teach, I have initiated and followed an Art at School Project for many years, proposed to children aged 3-6. I have attended training courses in art didactics at: the Children's Art Biennale in Treviso, at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice and at the Venice Art Biennale.

Grazielle Bassetto 

Essential is the combination of colours, canvases, materials... as if they were the body, soul and psyche of the works produced. . Therefore, time for reflection, research and continuous expressive experimentation are fundamental in my projects. A decisive factor was meeting art teacher and painter Sonia Ervas and attending her courses to discover new materials and painting techniques.

I have always loved creativity in all its forms. I am a teacher with many years of experience. After a brief experience teaching clothing, I took up the teaching profession. The air has always influenced my life by attracting my attention, especially for everything new that expresses beauty and creativity.

                                                                   Graziella Bassetto 

                                                                   Dimension: 63x98

Mixed technique with spatula brushes on a panel made of pressed wooden.


Graziella Bassetto

Graziella Bassetto