Cecilia Martinez

Cecilia's artwork was shown
during a segment on Al Jazeera TV, for a piece she created which addressed the issue of gun violence in communities.


State: United States, USA 

Country: Jersey City NJ USA
E-mail: cecmartinez201@gmail.com
Instagram: @cecilia_martinez_jc

Cecilia Martinez "A Midnight Stroll, M ixed Media Collage, 24x18 inches, 2018

Cecilia Martinez

All three artworks are mixed media collage pieces made with found newspaper and magazine paper, as well as materials like acrylic paint, spray paint, marker, watercolor, graphite, charcoal, and more. The piecess all deal with society and the people living within it. The artworks are meant to be an artistic photograph of a scene in time.

Cecilia Martinez

Cecilia Martinez ""Coronavirus: The Beginning" Mixed Media Collage, 24x18 inches, 2020

                                             Cecilia Martinez"Lonely Daze", Mixed Media Collage, 24x18 inches, 2018